Koi Pricing & Shipping

Pricing for all Koi depends on size and availability.

Please, so that we may get you exactly what you want, call us to order at:

(607) 369-4060

We have the lowest prices around!

Orders must be prepaid with Visa, Master Card or check. As of now, Koi shipped only next day Federal Express, as they insure live cargo or airlines when feasible. There is an insulated box charge of $10.

The number of fish in the box varies with the size. Our Koi are selectively placed into 4 categories.

Strong color and well defined pattern. Generally a good selection on hand.

Ultra Select
No blemishes perfect in color and pattern. Depends on availability.


All Koi depend on availability.

Again, please, so that we may get you exactly what you want, call in your orders to us at (607) 369-4060. We have the lowest prices around!


Pond View Koi

Not only do we offer Koi, we offer all products associated with them. This includes specially blended Koi food to maintain optimal health, natural bacteria and pond aeration just to name a few.

Please feel free to contact us either by phone or email. We do prefer however, that we be contacted by phone because we believe that too many important facts can be lost through email. We are here to assist and walk with you every step of the way.

Pond View Koi Facts

Pond View Koi

POND VIEW KOI  •  1958 Vandervort Hill Rd  •  Unadilla, NY 13849  •  TEL:  (607) 369.4060  •  EMAIL: