Pond Cleaning & Koi Food


Farm Pond and Small Lakes - Breaks down pond debris, leaves, uneaten food, fish feces, etc. Helps with bottom aeration. One lb $32.99, 12 lbs or more $29.99.

Koi Food - A floating pellet can be fed throughout the season. When the ingredients are balanced properly begin feeding when water temperature reaches 55 degrees.

4 lb. Bag 2.5 mm - Medium $27.99
4 lb. Bag 4.0 mm - Large $27.99

When using our food, you will see a big difference in color and growth. Click to read our » Testimonials.

Pond View Koi's pond products are manufactured to the highest of specifications simply because the products are used on our own Koi farm.

Liquid Barley - Super concentrated for the treatment of string algae. Treatment should be started early in the season if possible. 1 Gal. $49.99

Bacteria - Quick and easy for garden ponds. Shut off U.V. for 24 hours after treatment. Mix with pond water and dispense in pond. Helps seed filter and breaks down unwanted sludge for great water quality. One ounce per 1,000 gallons.

Barley Straw Extract
Highly concentrated. Only Patented Barley Straw Extract in the U.S.A and the U.K. Extremely effective in Ponds and Lakes. Environmentally friendly and economical to use. Researched in local lakes. Proves its effectiveness.

Please call for pricing on the following items:

  • 8 oz. Bottles pack 24/case
  • 32 oz. Bottles pack 12/case
  • Gallon Jugs pack 4/case
  • 5-Gallon Containers
  • 55-Gallon Drum
Pond View Koi
This is by far your best buy in LIQUID BARLEY STRAW..ANYWHERE!!!. Less than HALF THE PRICE of imitators, and treats twice the amount of water!!!!!!
Bottle Size Treats Initial Dose Maintenance Dosage
8 oz. up to 1,000 gal. up to 6,250 gal.
16 oz. up to 2,000 gal. up to 12,000 gal.
32 oz. up to 4,000 gal. up to 24,000 gal.
64 oz. up to 8,000 gal. up to 48,000 gal.
1 gal. up to 16,000 gal. up to 96,000 gal.
Pond View KoiQUICK & E.Z.EX-1®
This ALL NEW PRODUCT consumes organic wastes from ponds and lakes faster and much more effectively than any known competitive bio–formula. We have tested well and are proud to introduce this exceptional, hungry gang of bacteria and enzymes to pond and lake distributors. You will be very pleased with the results!  Please call for pricing on the following items:
  • 1-lb. JARS/12 per case
  • 20-lb. Drums
Bottle Size Treats Initial Dose
1 lb. 64,000 gal.
A select blend of powerful bacteria & enzymes working synergistically to keep you pond/lake clean & clear.  Environmentally friendly for fish & plants too.
Pond View KoiQUICK & E.Z. EX-2®
This ALL NEW BIO-FORMULA contains a carefully selected assembly of potent bacteria and enzymes working synergistically to biodegrade organic waste matter that accumulates mainly on pond and lake bottoms. It can be "brewed" (multiplied) to higher concentrations. This special procedure was developed in the early 1980's by Bob Friedman, former founder and owner of formula BRF-2. Among the upgrades to this exceptional product is the addition of the all new and highly effective Quick & E.Z. EX-2. Please call for pricing on the following items:
  • 20-LB. DRUMS
  • 50-LB. BAG
Bottle Size Treats Initial Dose
6 oz. 1,000 gal.
Note! For Pond/Lake/Aquaculture use, WE PROVIDE THIS SPECIAL BIOFORMULA, fortified with newly discovered species. SAME PRICE, specify "EXTREME". For larger bulk prices, apply factory.
Pond View KoiIMMU-STRONG EX-3®
This is a real advancement for fish hobbyist and aquaculturists. This product fortifies the immune system of aquatic animals resulting in improved survival rates and higher yields. No breeder of fish or shrimp likes to lose their livestock or valued pets. Please call for pricing on the following items:
  • Case of 1-Dozen 1-LB Cans
  • 20-LB Drums
Blends with fish food

Note: We can supply a much stronger formula, if required, at a higher cost.


Pond View Koi

Not only do we offer Koi, we offer all products associated with them. This includes specially blended Koi food to maintain optimal health, natural bacteria and pond aeration just to name a few.

Please feel free to contact us either by phone or email. We do prefer however, that we be contacted by phone because we believe that too many important facts can be lost through email. We are here to assist and walk with you every step of the way.

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