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The KOI we know today are all descendants of the black carp known as Magoi. Originating from Eastern Asia and China, where the earliest written record of the species is found, KOI were introduced to Japan by the invading Chinese around 200 A.D.

In the 17th Century, Japanese rice farmers stocked their paddies to supplement their diets in the isolated Niigata region. Color mutations were first noticed in the 1800's. Many of the color varieties we see today were established during this period. Breeding "fancy" KOI was restricted to the Niigata region until the beginning of the 20th Century. In 1914, 27 KOI were sent to the great Tokyo Exhibition to promote the economic plight of the poverty stricken Niigata region. They were awarded a second prize, and 8 KOI had it's first recognition. At the end of WW II, with the advent of commercial air travel, the export and transportation of KOI all over the world was possible.

Breeding and keeping KOI outside of Japan has increased tremendously from the 1980's to the present. Most countries are now producing KOI for their own markets. It is possible that the most beautiful KOI have yet to appear !

People purchase KOI for many reasons. Some for their decorative garden ponds, others for commercial properties and enterprises. For whatever reason, all enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the KOI. With all the color combinations, each KOI may be enjoyed as an individual. Under the right conditions, they can grow 30" or more, and have a possible lifespan of 100 years!
People have trained them to take
food from the hand.

They can also be enjoyed in the more natural environment of a mud pond where they will respond to to food and people. Others with mud ponds purchase them for filamentous forms of algae control. Commercial enterprises such as golf courses, developments and office complexes have obtained KOI for many of the same reasons.

High quality imported Koi direct from the top breeders in Nigata, Japan (the birthplace of Koi). Ex: Dainichi, Tanaka, Seyyuro, Shinada, Oofuchi and Sakai Matsunasuke to name a few. This is a great chance to obtain premium Koi and a great assortment at reasonable prices. Our selection includes most of the following in regular, Ginrin and Daitsu, Kohaku, Sanbi, Showa, Utsuris, Goromo, Shusui, Asagi, Goshiki, Kujaku, Ki Kusui, Yamato, Kaurarimono (metallic), Hariwake, Ogons, Platinum, Oreji, Muji, Midori, Ochiba, Chagai, Sora Goi, Beni Kumonryu, Matsuba.

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Pond View Koi Pond View Koi Pond View Koi
Pond View Koi Pond View Koi Pond View Koi
Pond View Koi Pond View Koi Pond View Koi
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From Japan: We have 8" - 12" Maruyama and Sakuma jumbo yearlings. Kohaku's, Sanke's and Showa's.

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