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Japanese Koi

Pond View Koi has been in business for 26 years and is located in the beautiful rolling hills of New York in a town called Unadilla. This beautiful little town is known for being a bit out of the way but always worth the trip. Twenty two years ago when we began on this journey, Maria and I wanted to create an organization that sold only the highest quality Koi while at same time remaining small and manageable. This would allow us the opportunity to focus on what's most important, our customers and the health of our fish. This business model has worked extremely well. Over the years we have created more then just a Koi Farm - we have created a culture that everyone can enjoy.

All of our Koi are imported, yearly, from the authentic top breeders in Japan. In the past, Maria and I bred and raised our own, but realized that in order to stay true to our business model we would need to import them. Why, you may ask? Because Koi fish are part of the Japanese culture and have been bred there for centuries. It's not a hobby... To them it's a way life. All of their exported fish must meet certain standards. These standards include color intensity, pattern and conformation. So when you purchase Koi from us you know you are purchasing only the best!!! There are no imitations at Pond View Koi. There are only AUTHENTIC Japanese Koi.

Because of our values, Maria and I offer the best prices possible. To date, there are no other Koi Farms, that we know of, that can come close to our prices. We want our fish to be affordable so everyone can enjoy them and become Koi enthusiasts if they choose to. During our 22 years we have had not one disappointed customer. We understand that in this day and age it may be hard to believe but it is a FACT.

Our customers become more then customers; they become our friends.

Call us today at (607) 369.4060 to order Japanese Koi we stock Kohaku, Taisho Sanke's, Showa, Bekko, Utsuri's, Goromo, Asagi's, Shusui, Tancho Kohaku & Tancho Sanke's and Showa, Platinum Ogon, Matsuba's, Yamabuki, Hariwake, Yamoto Nishiki, Goshiki, Ki-goi, Kikoryu, Karasu goi, midori etc. types of koi.

-- The Wagners, Owners/Operators, Pond View Koi

Not only do we offer Koi, we offer all products associated with them. This includes specially blended Koi food to maintain optimal health, natural bacteria and pond aeration just to name a few.

Please feel free to contact us either by phone or email. We do prefer however, that we be contacted by phone because we believe that too many important facts can be lost through email. We are here to assist and walk with you every step of the way.

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